Career, Life Purpose and Business Coaching

Coaching is designed to help you answer your unique questions and to move you forward in your life to accomplish your goals at your chosen pace. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Why do I feel frustrated, stressed or stuck in my career or life?
  • Is it time for a new career or time to improve an existing one?
  • Am I lacking a sense of purpose and passion in my life’s mission?
  • Is it time to start your own business or grow your current one?
  • What are my greatest strengths and am I harnessing them to reach my true potential?

These are common questions that frequently prevail in people’s minds and the lack of answers are often tolerated for long periods of time…and unnecessarily so. Life Compass can help you identify what’s limiting you from being fully energized and empowered to make positive changes in your life and work. You can expect to gain awareness about your situation and create a focused plan of action to create success in your work and life. Many of Andy’s clients report that he has taught them life-long tools for living that have changed their vision of life dramatically.

“Life Compass allowed me to get reacquainted with my strengths, my life goals, and most importantly allowed me to rekindle, harness, and focus my energy. The self rediscovery process made me realize that I could find harmony in life and in the workplace. … I always knew I had a change for the better inside of me, but somehow I had become disconnected with my self and my wishes.”
— D.M., Real Estate/Investment Broker


Life Compass Coaching Programs

Career Coaching

With Andy’s background in corporate and small business management, he blends a real-world approach with new, meaningful insights to help you reach the next level in your personal and career development. Sometimes you may feel blocked, overworked, stuck or just unable to find your own answers. A coach fully supports your agenda without judgment in a safe, confidential environment.

As a certified life purpose coach, Andy is trained to help you find answers by asking the deeper questions about what is really important in your life’s mission. He then will help you build a plan of action to accomplish that task. He is there for support along the journey and will help you with the discipline to meet your goals. Coaching is not therapy — it focuses on where you are today and what you choose to become tomorrow. Andy’s clients are healthy and whole, people who want to make lasting life and career changes

Life Purpose Process©

The Life Purpose Process© is a proven method that helps people discover their purpose and find fulfilling work. It is a results-oriented process that is designed to meet each individual’s needs. It is short-term and focused, and has been successfully utilized with over 20,000 people. During this process clients are guided through self-exploration to uncover and gain clarity on key elements of life and work.  After completion of this essential first part, client’s will explore their options and then research and validate their career choices. The final piece is to create a strategy and plan-of-action to accomplish the resulting career and life goals.

Business Coaching

In business it is often difficult to find someone who has no other agenda to support but yours. Usually a boss, business partner, associates or board of directors are unable to objectively give you feedback without involving their own goals — it’s just human nature. You may feel disconnected, complacent or are missing a sense of vision. This is where a coach can make all the difference. Whether you are choosing to grow your business, change or enhance your career, or solve problems in a new way, a business coach can really help. How? By becoming your silent partner and providing you fresh perspectives and guidance to discover new, creative solutions. Also, it’s about having someone as a sounding board who knows your world and can support you with your challenges and decisions.

Andy has found a systems-oriented approach for providing coaching and consulting to executives, business owners and their employees results in the best return on investment. Utilizing powerful assessment tools, strategic planning and business insights support the path to powerful changes and maximizing potential. It takes new insights and methods to create long-lasting changes in organizations. In addition, Andy’s experience in marketing and communications from the corporate-level down to small business provides an invaluable resource for improving your business.

Science-based Assessments

Andy is certified and licensed as a Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and has over 15 years of experience conducting and translating behavioral, motivational, emotional intelligence, and other assessments. He is licensed to provide personal assessments from the leading science-based provider of these psychological tools. As clients better understand their individual style and the impact it has on their careers and businesses, they can communicate and make better decisions with others. At a larger scale, assessments can enhance the hiring and retention process, improve leadership skills and build highly effective teams.

How  does the coaching process work?

Most clients choose to meet with a coach at least twice a month, either in-person or on the telephone, while some meet weekly to reach their goals more quickly. At Life Compass we start by discussing your goals, assessing what is necessary to reach them, and start moving you forward into action. The coach may also employ assessments or exercises for you to gain additional perspective on a specific career or business challenge. You can expect your coach to be supportive, to listen, and guide you to find your answers. A trained coach will help you break through those occasional blocks and obstacles along the path. Most clients feel an increased sense of connection with themselves and a newfound sense of purpose early in the process.

Every person and business is unique and so are the tools and methods required to help them to expand and grow. At Life Compass, Andy Hill is certified and trained in a number of methods to help clients with their personal, career, and business needs.