What Do Clients Say?

“Andy has an excellent ability to pinpoint natural strengths so that his clients are empowered to reach what they strive for in life. He is able to clearly understand, and then communicate, motivators for personal and professional excellence.” — A.G, Program Development Director

“The current process of finding a career is broken: We are often required to make career decisions based on limited information about the positions, which ultimately results in a lack of career satisfaction. Andy’s unique approach will provide you with the tools necessary to evaluate career options that will best fit your natural strengths. It’s the method all career counselors should be using at college universities since it eliminates the typical trial and error most people endure when trying to find the right career. By utilizing Andy’s techniques, I now have clear direction about the career paths that will best compliment my natural abilities, which is something I will be forever grateful.” — E.S., Loan Officer

“Andy Hill’s coaching services gave me the insights I needed to start moving in the right direction. The methods he uses, including the Talent Insights assessment, gave focus to my objectives. I learned what drives my desire to excel and how to put myself in the best environment to promote it. Only a year after meeting with Andy, I transitioned into a new career and just won “Employee Representative of the Month”. This work pointed me to where I wanted to be.” – J.R., Financial Advisor

“Life Compass allowed me to get reacquainted with my strengths, my life goals, and most importantly allowed me to rekindle, harness, and focus my energy. The self rediscovery process made me realize that I could find harmony in life and in the workplace. Life Compass is responsible for helping me to release a huge swell of positive energy that carried me to a life change. I always knew I had a change for the better inside of me, but somehow I had become disconnected with my self and my wishes. Life Compass, ‘dusted me off.'” — D.M., Real Estate/Investment Broker

“I have been an R.N. for 21 years. It was time for a change. Andy helped me discover the changes I needed to make in my life/career by helping me to identify my core values, strengths and weaknesses I then was able to integrate the results with my career interests. I discovered my new career by looking ‘inside-out’. That has made all the difference! Andy is a great coach.” — D.J., Registered Nurse

“Andy gave me some valuable coaching when I was undergoing workplace transitions during a major restructure. He helped me re-frame my situation, drawing out my strengths and giving me the confidence to move ahead. Like a strength and conditioning trainer, Andy gave me the necessary coaching to stay the course. He’s great at keeping you focused, asking the right questions about career paths, measurements of success, rewards and appreciation. His approach is always with the client in mind as he is very supportive and tailors your skills to the situation. He doesn’t impose his knowledge but rather shares his corporate and business expertise to help you evaluate your options and opportunities with open eyes. A first-rate coach! — M.B., Human Resource Manager

“Andy Hill’s coaching has been instrumental in establishing my business. He has inspired me to work hard and focus on the long term growth of my business thru effective marketing strategies, assessing client behavior, and by focusing on building strong relationships with my clients. My business has increased over 50% from the time I started working with Andy a year ago.” — D.R., Wealth Advisor

“Through my work with Life Compass, I gained a mentor and business partner. Together, through positive coaching, we rediscovered my strongest qualities – where strong values and integrity fit into every work day and personal contact; how to maintain a course of action; how to integrate years of diverse experience to my best advantage, and my clients; to follow my passion, not be passive; and, most importantly, to understand if the ‘where and with who’ is the right fit for the most positive and rewarding work experience.” — N.N., Geologist

My most beneficial work came from determining my communication pattern and realizing I had options. That alone has freed me. I enjoy the moment more, knowing that everything that happens is for a reason and will work out as intended.” — L.S., Pharmacist

“After I moved to Reno I decided to re-think my work and to find a career that I would really love. I thought that that it would be easy to figure this out on my own but it proved to be far more difficult than I had imagined. The problem was that, after decades of doing the same type of work, I kept gravitating back towards what was familiar and comfortable to me. I wasn’t thinking ‘out of the box’. I felt that I was doing well in finding my new career, and hadn’t thought about working with a career coach. When we started working together, I was truly surprised to realize how little real progress I had made on my own. I was even more surprised at how quickly and effectively Andy helped me zero-in on what I had in mind, but couldn’t seem to realize for myself. Even more impressive was Andy’s ability to adjust the focus of his coaching from the conceptual right down to the real-world steps needed to be successful at my new career — from blue-sky to marketing plan. He is very organized and was excellent at keeping me on-point throughout the process. The savings in time and money that I might have spent on missteps and course-corrections is incalculable. I have now found that ideal career that I had been searching for and am on the path to being successful in that career. Working with Andy is one of the best investments that I have made in myself and my work.” — S.D., Web Developer

“A very professional and informative experience. I purchased a behavioral evaluation and two follow-up sessions with Andy Hill at Life Compass. It has helped me to better understand who I am and where I am supposed to be. Mr. Hill has a very sound scientific evaluation and process that will provide you extremely accurate and useful feedback. I would highly recommend his services!” P.T., Service Ambassador

“Andrew Hill is an incredible man and an amazing teacher! His science-based methods were spot on for my business and personal life. Andy, thank you for changing my life! — S.N., VP Marketing

“I found this experience to be extremely beneficial for me personally and professionally. Being able to look at what motivates me and to be able to identify what motivates each of my staff members, is an invaluable tool to effective management.” – A.B., Casino Manager

“We hired Andrew Hill, a Professional Behavioral Analyst, to assess and facilitate resolution of city departmental conflicts. He was instrumental in mediating interpersonal conflicts using a non-traditional mediation process. We are very fortunate to have him as a resource to augment our internal efforts.” — M.B, Municipal HR Director

“Andy has been instrumental in growing our team’s business. His coaching service has given us insight into each team members personality style and how to communicate better with other members on the team. Through effective communication our team operates at the highest level and work towards achieving our goals.” — D.R., First Vice President & Sr. Portfolio Manager

“From the beginning Andrew was very insightful, and he communicated the process clearly – making it easy for me to understand and complete the assessments.  He is the most dynamic, competent and super engaging coach I have ever met.  After taking the assessments and through our coaching sessions Andrew was able to help me understand and appreciate my unique set of behavioral differences and preferences.  I found the results extremely meaningful.  They armed me with knowledge about myself which helped me to improve my work relationships, solve problems and look for opportunities from a different set of lenses.

Being the professional that he is, Andrew also provided me with a spectacular business tool which assisted me in successfully conceptualizing, developing, and bringing to market a new service offering for my firm.  He is one of a kind and I am so thankful to have him as a coach and mentor.” — N.M., CEO HR Consulting Firm

The work our organization has done with Andy has had a dramatic impact on our team dynamics. The DISC profiling and his thorough analysis and explanation has enabled us to better match people with positions for long-term success. It has also helped me personally in terms of better understanding the intentions and positions of many stakeholders we work with, leading to better and stronger collaborations.” – A.B., CEO Environmental Fund

“Andy has worked with a number of our young-adult cancer survivors to help guide them in making career and life choices. He utilizes a customized process of assessments and coaching to help each of them understand their strengths and uniqueness. His training and tools have provided the essential insights for them to make positive college, career and vocational choices. We appreciate having Andy as an experienced resource to help our clients create the next chapter in their lives.” – S.R., Executive Director