Many people wish they could discover an unique gift or ability that will give their live’s purpose and meaning, and wish they could bring it to fruition for a feeling of real success in their career. But, without a means to discover and bring it to life they may feel thwarted and frustrated. Life Compass can reveal these unique insights and help bring these true talents to life — one of fulfillment and creativity. Are you ready to find your key strengths to expand and grow? You are not alone. Many people find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs or stagnant businesses that leave them feeling lost, unfulfilled, or not living up to their potential. Others simply want to change their vocation or profession, re-energize their business, or just shift gears in their work lives. Real work is not a “job”, but is an enjoyable, creative experience that allows you to grow along with it. You were born with a purpose to express your spirit through your work and your true self will be reflected in your ideal career. 

The Life Purpose Process© is a proven method that helps people discover their purpose and find fulfilling work. It is a results-oriented process that is designed to meet each individual’s needs. It is short-term and focused, and has been successfully utilized with over 20,000 people. During this process clients are guided through self-exploration to uncover and gain clarity on key elements of life and work.  After completion of this essential first part, client’s will explore their options and then research and validate their career choices. The final piece is to create a strategy and plan-of-action to accomplish the resulting career and life goals.

This process, originally developed by The Life Purpose Institute, has been successfully utilized by thousands of people and has resulted in meaningful, productive changes in people’s lives. Your work is a true expression of who you are when you are in alignment with your unique purpose.